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Faure Gnassingbé
Faure Gnassingbé

Was it necessary that the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Florent Badjam Maganawé wastes the time of the Togolese people by announcing last Sunday night on national television that his boss Gnassingbé will run for election in 2015? Do we not all know in Togo that it is hereditary in the Gnassingbé family not to ever return what they‘ve stolen? If the father held power for 38 years, why would the son settle for 10? He will always be candidate for his reelection until death separates him from power unless the Togolese people decide to mobilize forces and chase this vulture out. It takes more than elections to get rid of a dictator. It takes courage, determination, organization, self-sacrifice for a true people's revolution. Only the Togolese people can stop this comedy that has lasted too long.
I do not want my children to have such lazy and useless people as leaders. Four generations have already been sacrificed and I'm not ready to let the upcoming ones live the terror and misery that we have known and are still living in with the Gnassingbés.

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