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Faure Gnassingbé distributes notebooks with his picture on it.

The obscenity of the guy who claims to be president of Togo really goes beyond sanity. For this year’s back to school, Faure Gnassingbé, the most irresponsible of African leaders has decided once again to ridicule the misery of the Togolese people. For that, the narcissistic man, who like his late father is deeply in love with his ugliness has decided to print notebooks with his pictures on it that he has been distributing to students in some villages of Togo to promote his so called political program that he calls “Education for all in Togo. "

A real nonsense! To start with, if distribution of school supplies there should be, then the children of all the Togolese people living below the poverty line who represent over 60% of the population should benefit from the program but heck no, Faure Gnassingbé chose villages where he managed to easily stuff ballot boxes to give the impression that these communities support his uselessness. Why must some Togolese kids have to go through the horror of seeing such a despicable face on their notebooks? Faure Gnassingbé is perpetrating the narcissism of his father that is common to self-centered horrible dictators like themselves. Appear everywhere in order to be printed in the brains of people to sow terror and adoration. That is an old and outdated strategy of the Gnassingbé clan. Poor Faure! He can’t innovate even in his dad’s idiocy.

These vultures completely looted and bankrupted LIMUSCO that use to sell discounted school supplies and now they have the gut to distribute one or two notebooks with the picture of a dictator on it to traumatize our poor children and we are supposed to be grateful for it? They must really be taking us for fools.

We are in a country where there are more than 1,000 EDILs (Locally Initiated Schools) as you can see in the picture above, created by farmers themselves in rural areas without any government support; a country where the salaries of teachers haven’t been revised in 50 years despite two devaluations and an inflation of over 30% and a country where students are shot and murdered by police for protesting the strike of their teachers in total impunity. And it is with notebooks that the miserable son of a bloodthirsty dictator, carbon-copy of his father intends to buy our conscience in Togo.

Faure Gnassingbé is a real shame to all the people who passed the level of Kindergarten because his whole team and him are simply brainless.

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