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Dear People of Togo,

On this day of December 2nd 2017, you once again made the pride of humanity. Your bravery is second to none. After 3 months of protests, numerous attempts at destabilization, intimidations and massive repression, you kept standing tall as our ancestors demand of you: to free our dear country from the yoke of the oppressors.

The enemies of the people, our enemies, Faure Gnassingbe and his henchmen only have one weapon: violence. But we the Togolese people have the best weapon in the world: our numbers. Our courage is our best offense and our resilience will be our best defense. The more they will brutalize us, the more we will rise against their dictatorship and the more determined we will be.

Remember dear people that a dying regime is merciless, and that of Faure Gnassingbe is already coming to an end. It groans and chokes; so it will become even more virulent and more ferocious. Reject their invitation in the arena of violence and brutality because our numbers scare them more than anything. The millions we are scare them and they will use every means to discourage us. Till now, we have proved our civic maturity and the events of this evening are proof that we are the winners. Waiting for the end of the demonstration to attack innocent people returning home after long hours of walking is the strategy of the weak, cheats and cowards. But in us the Togolese people, they found a formidable and indomitable adversary.

Always forward and thank you for raising this country to the ranks of distinguished nations. Solemn tributes to the victims.

Patriotically yours,

Farida Bemba Nabourema

Disillusioned Togolese Citizen

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