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The African Union is holding an extraordinary meeting on October 11th and 12th to have its members decide on wether to leave the International Criminal Court or not.

Since its estbalishment, the International Criminal Court has been acting as a political tool to pressurize African leaders who refuse to abide by western powers rules.

Some of the worse human rights violators and torturers in the world both in Africa and outside of Africa got away with war crimes, genocides and Human Rights abuses just because they were not seen as "anti-west" leaders.

The United States of America istelf has refused to join the ICC and had made it clear to the world that none of its citizens must be tried by that court.

It is true that Africa has known and still know violent and oppressive regimes who violate their people's rights on a daily basis. And for that, the African Union must reinforce the African Court of Justice and provide it with necessary tools to stop the wrongdoings of these oppressors and have them face the law. But this must be done in Africa, by Africans and for Africans. Not in Europe by Europeans for Europeans.


The world needs to stop treating Africa like a baby continent that needs to be tought everything and that cannot take care of its own business.

The West needs to stop viewing itself as a model that everybody must look up to. For the past 50 years, Africa has learned enough to fly with its own wings.


Desmond Tutu and Kofi Anan have both been advocating against the departure of African nations from the International Criminal Court. And I believe that is a shame as these men do not trust the African's capacity to try their own "criminals".

There are hundreds of thousands of honest and dedicated African intellectuals, lawyers, judges and scholars who can lead the African Court of Justice if given the means.

Let's give them the chance to work for a free and soverign Africa.


Let us massively, support the African Union's decision to leave the International Criminal Court and let's prove to the world that we Africans, all together say NO to a partisan International Court and want OUT of ICC.


“The manner in which the court has been operating, particularly its unfair treatment of Africa and Africans, leaves much to be desired...Far from promoting justice and reconciliation… the court has transformed itself into a political instrument. This unfair and unjust treatment is totally unacceptable,”” Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus




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