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On several occasions, French officials, business moguls and other public figures have made insulting comments on Africans. The last one was that of Willy Sagnol, the coach of a petty French soccer team who said that African players are cheap and not so smart.
The following message is a response to all the ignorant brainwashed French people who believe they are superior to Africans.

Africans are not intelligent, yet science has emerged in Africa in Nubia.
Africans are lazy but more than 100 million were exported to America to work as slaves in order to end famine in Europe.
Africans are not beautiful but they are the ones who spend the least on plastic surgery and cosmetic products intended to make people less ugly.
Africans are not civilized but the greatest civilization in the history of mankind is in Africa: Egypt
Africans are not educated but they are tens of thousands of them who teach in European universities.
African soccer players are cheap but the highest paid player in the history of soccer is African: Samuel Eto'o

Dear French people, it is not because the lion does not eat the ant that it is stronger than him.
When Africa will have enough of the ant’s provocations it will crush it in a split of a second.

Willy Sagnol

Willy Sagnol

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